“How long is the program?”

Students join the program in 7th or 10th grade and continue through 12th grade provided they maintain strong academic performance and consistent attendance.   

“What is the time commitment?”

Students meet up to 7 Saturdays each semester and 2-4 weeks during the summer. We frequently communicate with families through email during the week as well.

“What will I learn?”

We will teach you what you need to know to be:

  1. Successful in middle and high school
  2. Competitive in college admissions
  3. Prepared for rigors in the college classroom
  4. A top candidate for career internships


“Do I get to choose my classes?”

Fall and winter courses are pre-determined by the program, but there are plenty of optional, elective opportunities for all scholars throughout the academic year.  In the summers, 10th- 12th graders have the most flexibility in choosing from a range of WP summer courses, camps, and internship options to meet their participation requirements.

“Is this program only about getting students into U of M? What if I want to go somewhere else?”

We want all our scholars to go to college. At the same time, we make every effort to have all our scholars apply to UM Ann Arbor and UM Dearborn by the Early Action deadline, since all WP scholars who are admitted to either campus receive a 4-year tuition scholarship. Still, the advice and experiences gained from Wolverine Pathways are designed to make  our scholars competitive to any university of their choice.

“What kind of majors does this program help with?”

We expose students to all kinds of majors and disciplines through our courses, camps, and internships… For example, we have fielded opportunities in African American Studies, Astronomy,  Business,  Computer Science,  Economics, Engineering, Environmental Science, Public Health, Psychology, Film, TV and Media, Music, and Nursing, just to name a few. 

“Will WP help me know what I want to study?”

We will try! Not only do we provide courses, camps, and internships, but we host informational interviews and career exposure with a range of faculty and professionals throughout the year in order to broaden scholars’ college and career vision.