Question: How has Wolverine Pathways impacted your family life?

Answer: “I love the energy that Wolverine Pathways brings to the kids…They come home tired, but they’ve learned so much and have become more socially and educationally happy.”

Question: How has the knowledge that your scholar could receive a full-tuition scholarship to the University of Michigan impacted their academic and personal behavior?

Answer: “They are so much more focused on knowing that they have an attainable goal…They want it. They really, really want it. They seem happy. I’m really grateful to you guys.”

Xochitl Vaughan

Southfield Site

Question: Who do you like the hands-on nature of the program?

Answer: “I’m a hands-on type of person. I fit really well into how [Wolverine Pathways] is set up. I feeling like I really benefit from it.”

Question: What is your biggest struggle academically?

Answer: “I feel like my biggest struggle would be my anxiety. I think just trying to stay calm is something I can work on. I believe that Wolverine Pathways could help with my anxiety toward school.”

Question: What is your favorite subject a Wolverine Pathways?

Answer: “I’m not a fan of math but I think that since taking the math course in the program. I feel more at ease with math at Cass. I feel more at ease because I feel more comfortable with the math at Wolverine Pathways.”

Riann English

Detroit Site

Question: How has Wolverine Pathways empowered you to take charge of your education?

Answer: “Graduating from a university like Michigan would improve my life and the lives of my family. I want to make a difference. Wolverine Pathways can help me with this.”

Mohammed Obied

Ypsilanti Site